Buying or selling a piano (piano movers listed below)

If you want to buy a second hand piano my recommendation is:

First you need "The Piano Book" by Larry Fine RPT. Second, call a Registered Piano Technician to inspect what you find.

If you want to sell your piano:

Contact a Registered Piano Technician to evaluate your piano for sale.

For new and used pianos here is a list of Piano Dealers in Ottawa that I recommend:

(in random order)

Ottawa Pianos 1412 Bank Street | Ottawa, On K1H 7Y9

Lauzon Music 1345 Wellington Street West | Ottawa, ON K1Y 3B8

Steinway Piano Gallery Ottawa 1481A Innes Road Ottawa, K1B 1C5

Quincy Damphousse Pianos 1439 Youville Drive | Orleans, On K1C 4M8

*When moving your piano for any reason, call professional piano movers!  

Piano movers I recommend: McConnville Movers  613-749-2673 or Don Pinard Piano Moving Specialist  613-749-0915

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