What is a Registered Piano Technician?

The Piano Technicians Guild has two levels of membership, Associate and Registered. Associate membership is granted upon joining the Guild and becoming a Registered Piano Technician is earned by passing a set of rigorous, standardized examinations that are held by the Piano Technicians Guild Inc. There are three tests: written, technical and tuning. All examinations have a passing grade of 80%.

Being a Registered member means adhering to a strict code of ethics and participating in on-going education. You can trust an RPT.

For more details go to: www.ptg.org

Piano Technicians Guild Code of Ethics:

1. I will act honorably and in a professional manner.

2. I will render the best possible service under the circumstances, always keeping the best interests of my client in mind.

3. I will engage only in fair trade practices in the knowledge that I am reflecting the honesty and integrity for which the Piano Technicians Guild stands.

4. I will use the name and trademarks of the Piano Technicians Guild properly and will encourage others to do the same.

5. I will strive to upgrade my professional skills and I will encourage and help others to do the same.

6. I will promote, in any way that I can, good will toward my profession and toward the music industry.

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